DC302- New Patented Slider Mechanism Bifold Wallet with Banknote Pocket & Magnetic Closure


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The DUGRAFT ultra-slim card holder is made of a sturdy aluminum shell to prevent IDs and credit cards from being squeezed and uses advanced aluminum technology to protect credit cards from unnecessary wireless communications, its compact body is easier to carry and put in any pocket.

 Large Storage:

1. Hold 5-6 cards in the pop-up card holder, and add a hidden and an internal card slot.

2. Have a money pocket for kinds of cash in the middle.

3. Add a bottom zipper pocket for the coins.

A Banknote Pocket

Up to 8 cards & 5 banknotes

1. A hidden card slot on the right side inside the banknote pocket for coins.

2. A card slot on the right of the wallet for extra cards.

3. A spacious banknote compartment, and a pop-up card holder

Zipped pocket

For a few coins and also can collect your airtag to track the wallet.

Magnetic closure

Open and close your wallet conveniently, the new patented quick cards access.

Small & Slim

With large storage but is smaller and slimmer than the traditional wallet.

Crazy Horse Microfiber Leather

It is made of crazy horse microfiber leather materials, more durable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Tsvetomil Yordanov

Very good size. Working with banknotes is a bit awkward, but it is understandable to save size.

shannen bowman

My Fiance is super happy with it

Teresa Castedo

DC302- New Patented Slider Mechanism Bifold Wallet with Banknote Pocket & Magnetic Closure

Simone Capelli
i like it so much

I would prefer everything thinner and smaller

Johan Leroux
Very nice wallet, soft feeling, well designed!

This wallet is just the right size, and combines all as needed to have you payments cards, banknotes as well as a few coins and even a spare key nicely closed with a zipper. It is well designed, the Dugraft leader is soft and feels great. The pop-up mechanism is good, while in this DC302 design it takes up some space that can't be used for the banknote pocket which is why I didn't give 5 stars, since this way in Belgium you can't store your drivers license which is a pity (maybe an idea to re-think on the pop-up mechanism to not impact the space of the bank note) if else this would have been my perfect wallet.